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7N!tmodMisc Deathmatch glitchesAll / UndefinedClientMediumNew
Ravi Task Description * N!tmod version : 2.0 * Map : All * Omni-Bot running : Yes * Gametype : 8 * Custom mapscripts : Deathmatch scripts * LUA modules : N/A * Warmup/Playing/Intermission : Playing I have posted a bunch of bugs together because I didn't see the need for a new topic. Here they are: 1.After killing someone, player health is increased by 20, or set to 112 if it would otherwise exceed this value. However, the max health for medics is 125. Everytime they kill someone with full health, they lose 10 health. 2.There is also a glitch with weapon drops. If a player is killed after picking any primary weapon and an mp40 is in their inventory, they will drop an mp40. 3.Player health does not increase after killing someone if they have killed that person with poison.
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