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 66 N!tmod g_inactivity does not work on down-ed players All / UndefinedServerLowClosed
Jan Task Description [Environment] Mod version: 2.2.1 r772 Build Date (!about cmd): Feb 8 2013 Omni-Bot enabled ?: y Any LUA modules ? If yes, attach/provide link: lua_modules "dynamite_counter.lua connect.lua autobalance.lua autopromo.lua rspree.lua" Happens during Warmup/Playing/Intermission ?: playing [Bug] Explain the bug : With g_inactivity set to 60, I was able to verify I was put spectator after exactly 60 seconds. However, when I went inactive after being shot down, but not gibbed, I was not moved to spectator after 60 seconds. The use-case for putting inactive players to spectator does equally apply to downed players though. I would thus expect g_inactivity to also work on downed players.
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